About Nick

I started birding as a schoolboy on Tyneside in the mid-seventies and gained experience of sea-watching, hunting migrants and even chasing the occasional rarity. Despite phasing as an undergraduate in London I returned to the North-East with renewed enthusiasm for birds and birding and embraced the frenetic eighties twitching scene. and which later served as the launchpad for my first overseas trips to Turkey and Israel. After gaining a PhD in Biochemistry I spent two enjoyable years working and birding in Denver Colorado before returning to the UK and and Norwich where I have lived and worked at the University of East Anglia since 1990. Work and family commitments meant that my birding activities have been more irregular than I would have liked. Nevertheless birds have consistently formed a rich backdrop to my life for more than forty years and with my children grown I hope to have more time for birding and travel along with more recent interests in moths and digital photography. Who knows I may even acquire some new skills along the way! This blog is intended to share some of my recent experiences and photographs of the natural world and on occasion reflect on past adventures and the many friends I have made over the years.

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